Corona: also a chance to make a better world?


Dear people,

These are strange days. Possibly you are compelled to stay at home. You might not be allowed to welcome visitors. Perhaps you are concerned about the health of the people you love. And of course you might fear to get ill yourself… Of course we understand all that very well. In these hard times we’re sure to wish everybody lots of strength.

Our non-governmental organization Better World NOW tries te make the world a little bit better by ‘thinking different and in a new way’. We do this by thinking up those solutions which improve societies. We to this together with everyone who is open for this: scolars, entrepreneurs, politicians and above all the citizens like you and us. We will convert the world problems which are coming to us into new opportunities and developments. And we will seize these opportunities.

One of these is the worldwide Corona Virus! The Netherlands, under capable leadership of Prime Minister Marc Rutte has been developing during the previous weeks into a close team fighting the virus. We did this in good cooperation with all stakeholders to bounce the danger of the pandemy for each of us. Medicals and other scientist contributed did all this with care for all groups of victims: those who have been struck by the virus, but also those whose income have been struck, for example entrepreneurs who are often compelled to close down temporarely.
From NOW! (New Options for the World) we think that the following items are of interest in the close future for the well-being without stress:

  1. Safety of life, health, existence and income in the Netherlands, the European Union, Europe and our responsability for the world outside Europe.
  2. The reaching of the climate goals of 2050
  3. Relieving stress by institution of a basic income in particular and a new way of association with each other.
  4. Improvements in our current democracy in the Netherlands, Europe and the USA; in fact there are much appereances of anti-democracy.
  5. Addition of the factor ‘Civic participation’ from now and new continuity of and for companies.
  6. Enhancement of the role of ‘Leadership and Cooperation’ in Europe and the rest of the world, our ‘Global Village’.
  7. Another role for (digital) money as a way of trading in the world: an aggrandisement of the amount of money, but with oversight on inflation.
  8. A closedown for speculation by a plan B for the stock exchanges, so the capital can benefit care and welbeing.
  9. Finding together solutions for the current EU-refugees- and unimploymentproblem. The is work enough in the world for generations.
  10. Fill up by yourself… Your vision on..?

About all those items we have been thinking within NOW! And for some of those we found possible solutions yet. Some of them ‘out of the box’. Do you join us in these discussions? With your contribution you can help changing your country, Europe and the world. Or you van lead one of these discussions as a moderator! You van use simple words to make your point well. Flexible and vigourously! In that case we would love to hear from you!

Looking forward to that and with kind regards,

On behalf of the NOW!-team,

Jelle van der Meer



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